Sleeping Positions during pregnancy

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It’s not unusual to  experience erratic sleeping patterns during pregnancy. You will find yourself feeling very tired during the first trimester and you may even need to sneak off for a little “nana nap” in the afternoon. 

Sleep is usually good during the second trimester. Actually, everything is great in the second trimester! But by the time you reach 30 weeks, your bump is usually big enough to get in the way of a good night uninterrupted sleep. Your baby is also pressing down on your bladder and waking you frequently with kicks or the need to pee. 

What Sleep Position is Best in Early Pregnancy?

During the first trimester you can safely sleep in any position. You may find that lying on your tummy is already uncomfortable even though you don’t have a bump, but it’s ok for as long as you can. 

What Sleep Position is Best in Later Pregnancy?

As your baby grows larger and heavier, it becomes less comfortable and less safe to sleep on your stomach and back. This is when you should start focusing on side-sleeping to prevent undue pressure on the vena cava. This is a large blood vessel that transports blood around your body.  The pressure can decrease blood flow to the placenta and you may feel dizzy and light headed. 

The best way of making sure you stay on your side is by using a pregnancy cushion that supports your belly and that can fit between your knees to keep you pelvis aligned and prevent backache.  

Is There a Correct Side to Sleep On?

Either side is fine.While it is perfectly fine to sleep on your left side while pregnant, it is equally as fine to sleep on your right

“It is natural to move and change positions while sleeping and not to feel anxious if you realise that you have been sleeping on your back.   Besides, as the uterus enlarges, it will become too uncomfortable to sleep on your back. 

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