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The Ultimate Relaxation Tool for pregnancy and birth

Let Go and Relax - In

Upright labor positioning is associated with quicker labor times, a decrease in the rate of intervention and a 25% decrease in primary caesarean rate (Gams, et al 2019)

As a midwife and prenatal yoga instructor, I’ve learned that the way you position yourself during pregnancy and labor can truly make a world of difference. 

Comfortable upright positions means your uterus can work its magic more effectively, leading to stronger and more efficient contractions. But that’s not all! These positions encourage your baby to find the best way to journey through the pelvis, making the whole process faster and smoother.

Adopting different positions in labor creates space in the pelvis and enhances your overall birthing experience. It’s all about finding a position that feels just right for you.

The Relax-in Sling takes the guesswork out of birthing positions, making these benefits even more accessible and enjoyable and  ensuring you have a comfortable, empowering, and incredible birthing experience. 

Benefits of Relax-In for Mother

Benefits of Relax-In for Baby

I created this innovative birthing sling because I wanted to offer a versatile and supportive tool to enhance your birthing experience.

The Relax-In sling, designed with love and care, perfectly complements traditional birthing tools like the birthing ball, birth stool  rebozo massage, and even the birthing pool.

It provides an extra layer of comfort and versatility, allowing for gentle support and various positions during labor.

Whether you’re swaying gently or bouncing on the birthing ball, this sling offers added stability and balance, empowering you to find the birthing position that feels just right for you.

It’s all about making your birthing journey as comfortable and memorable as possible.


Yes! Gentle rocking and swaying are like a cozy, comforting hug for your baby while they’re still snug in your womb. They get to feel your reassuring presence and your unique rhythm, creating an early connection. These movements are crucial in the development of the vestibular system in utero.  The sensory hair cells in the inner ear detect changes in motion and acceleration. As your baby experiences the gentle rocking and swaying movements, these sensory cells send signals to the developing brain, providing crucial sensory input about movement and orientation. The developing brain processes this sensory input and begins to integrate and refine neural connections. Regular exposure to these movements may also influence the baby’s sleep and activity patterns in utero. Babies often respond positively to rhythmic movements by becoming more tranquil and potentially developing healthy sleep-wake cycles. The shared experience of movement can help strengthen the emotional connection between the two of you, fostering a sense of security even before birth. Amazing huh?

I designed the Relax-In to be used throughout pregnancy and during labor and birth. I recommend starting a committed practice  in your second trimester so that you can get the benefit of using it to ease common pregnancy discomforts. As your belly grows, your center of gravity will shift and you will need to adopt new ways of moving your body. The sling will help you to adjust to these changes and provide opportunities for you to find comfort in your changing body while connecting deeply with your baby. 

This is when the effects of the hormone Relaxin becomes more noticeable with feelings of instability,  discomfort and lower backache. The Relax-In Sling is a safe and effective way of finding comfort while creating strength and supported flexibility. 


This is when you feel heavy and uncomfortable and you are mentally and physically preparing for birth. Commit to a daily 20 minute practice and alternate between using the sling to relax deeply while listening to birth preparation audio tracks (available in The Due Date Club) and to get comfortable in positions that you will use in labor. Each time you use the sling you are creating a blueprint for how you will be in labor. This is an incredibly powerful form of preparation. 

If you have been using the Relax-in during pregnancy, you will intuitively know what positions feel good, how to move your body to create space in your pelvis and how to adjust your position comfortably to work with your baby as they descend through your body. You will be comfortable in forward leaning, backward leaning, standing and all four positions and you will easily find comfort in these positions as your labor progresses. 

The Relax-In sling facilitates absolute comfort and a sense of weightlessness while providing additional leverage and support so that you can effortlessly coordinate your movements with your contractions and optimise the effectiveness of your bearing down efforts. 

You can purchase directly from my website. I recommend buying your own sling in early pregnancy, however I offer sling rentals if you are already in your third trimester. 

You should have no physical injury or limitations.

Your blood pressure must be stable with no hypertension (high blood pressure) 

Your weight must be under 200kg. 

Do not use if membranes are ruptured and head not engaged in pelvis.

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