Premium Online Birth Preparation Course

A new way of preparing for birth

Premium Member Benefit

How it will help you get the birth you desire

Well you don’t need to wait until you’re a certain number of weeks to join. In fact, we actively encourage you to join the moment you get a positive pregnancy test. That’s when you have the most questions and that’s exactly when your birth preparation starts. By joining the Due Date Club comunity you can get started immediately at a fraction of the cost. 

Why is this course and being a member so effective?

Because it’s a fully comprehensive course that includes hypnobirthing – even if you’re planning or need a c/section.

  • The MP3s  include guided meditations, positive affirmations and breathing practice for regular listening and a guideline for when and how to use them effectively. 
  • The “must know” guides are available to download and print as an easy to use pack of postcard size cards. 
  • You will have access to the group activity feed for ongoing support, inspiration and feedback  plus monthly live Q and A sessions with Karen and a host of guest birth professionals. 

What else is included for premium members?

40+ bite sized video so that you feel confident about:

  • How to know when you are in labor 
  • Body skills and positions to progress labor
  • When to go to the hospital/birth centre
  • How to use visualisation and affirmations effectively
  • The stages of labour in detail, including the third stage so you’re fully informed about the benefits of skin-to-skin and delayed cord clamping.
  • What medical pain relief options are available and how to use them (includes: epidural, nitrous oxide and opiates) 
  • interventions including induction and cesarean birth and how you can make all births a positive experience.
  • How to avoid an episiotomy
  • How to use non medical birth skills including hypnobirthing
  • Importance of informed consent

How does it help with decision making?

There are some decisions that will directly impact your birth experience. This section will guide you through the options that are available and how to assess what is right for you. 

  • Where you give birth
  • Who you have in your birth team 
  • How to communicate your birth wishes
  • How to use your skills effectively in  labor

What if I have a high risk pregnancy?

While  high-risk complications occur in only 6 percent to 8 percent of all pregnancies, these complications can be serious and require special care to ensure the best possible outcome. This section will help you understand:

  • Signs and Symptoms
  • What you can do to prevent complications
  • Treatment options available 
  • How it may impact your birth choices

What makes it different to other online courses?

  • Signing up for an online course in The Due Date Club means that you are immediately connected to everyone else who is taking the same course. 
  • You can share insights in the activity feed and hear what others are saying.
  • You can use the chat function to start group or private conversations with others who are taking the course. 
  • You can dive into a module and then pop out and ask a question before moving on to the next section.
  • You can join Karen for live Q and A sessions or any of her private service offerings. 

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