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Is Hypnobirthing for me?

HypnoBirthing Have you heard of the benefits of hypnobirthing?  Hypnobirthing is the safest and most easily accessible comfort measure you can use in labor. It’s

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Coping with Dizziness

Feeling dizzy in pregnancy, here’s why It’s common to experience some dizziness during pregnancy. Dizziness can make you feel like the room is spinning (which

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This is truly the secret sauce of The Due Date Club…

The Due Date Club is online virtual, in your phone or on your computer, accessible and available 24/7 wherever you are. Listen on the go, or binge watch video tutorials like a netflix series. Find members in your area and women around the world who share your excitement, joy and concerns. The Due Date Club is a safe and private online space to explore the choices and options available when you’re pregnant. 

The moment you get a positive pregnancy test! While everyone tells you not to do anything until the end of the first trimester – that’s exactly when you need support so that you know what to do if you experience spotting or cramping. You know that saying ‘start as you mean to go on”? At The Due Date Club we actively encourage you to start with the right information and to find your support network before the overwhelm and fear sets in. 

You can still join! Whether you are all last minute dot com or wanting to cram as much info and support into a short space of time, you will find what you need in The Due Date Club.   You will have access to all the courses as well as our extensive library of resources and hot pregnancy topics. You may even have time to sneak in some yoga classes and enjoy some live Ask The Midwife sessions to get straight to what you need. It’s never too late to join. See you there!

You don’t want to be alone if you lose your baby. Despite the immense sadness and loss, you will have questions and concerns about what to do next and if it will impact future pregnancy.  You will be surrounded with love and support and Midwife Karen and her team will guide your healing process by answering your questions, sharing essential resources and referring you to the right team for follow up care and physical recovery. You can choose to stay in a group to be supported by others who have shared similar loss or place your subscription on hold until you are ready to join in subsequent pregnancy. 

Nope. Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time. Of course we want you to stay so we can watch your amazing transformation and  keep you updated with all the new information as each week brings new learning opportunities.  We make sure that you are plugged into the right resources so that you can make healthy choices for you and your baby by sharing the right Information at the right time.

Absolutely! In fact being part of a larger community means you will have the opportunity to meet other women with similar risk profile. Knowing you’re not alone and having someone who understands your challenges somehow normalises it and makes it easier to navigate the challenges you may face together. 

Yes! The information, courses and live events in The Due Date Club provide a balanced view of all your options and methods to optimise your health and well being during pregnancy.  The focus is on a positive birth experience rather than a specific way of giving birth. 

You'll join for access to our amazing content and stay to be part of our amazing community for the duration of your Pregancy.

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