Let’s talk about birth plans

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Birth plans became popular in response to the increasing number of interventions being done and the apparent disregard for respecting your choices.

Without a birth plan, it is easy to feel as if you have no say, no control and it is difficukt to be an active participant in your own birth experience. 

From my own experience of working in busy labor rooms, unfortunately, many of the birth plans I got were no more than checklist of YES or NO answers and while I would do everything to respect the plan, very often it was difficult if the plan did not include any preparation.

A plan without preparation is just a a piece of paper that leaves both of us feeling disatisfied.

I created the 10 day birth plan to empower you with information.

It takes 10 days because it is not a checklist. It is a guide to prepare you for everything that may or may not happen.

So everyday for 10 days you will get an email with a link to a video lesson. Below this video you will find a list of the essential elements of a realistic birth plan and each lesson includes powerful exercises for  you to complete and share daily in the closed group.

This way I can give you individual feedback based on your personal preferences and every day there is a live session so that you can pick my brain and get the answers that you need.

By the end of the 10 days you will have not just have a plan – you will have powerful techniques, tips and tools to support your plan and a clear understanding of every element of your plan.

You will be able to confidently participte in every decision and a clear understanding of the paradox of letting go of control in order to maintain control.

What you will learn in the 10 Day Birth Plan course?

Day 1 PAIN – what causes it and how to manage it

Day 2 POSITION – which is best and why?

Day 3 PASSAGE – is your pelvis big enough?

Day 4 POWER – how will you know if you need interventions?

Day 5 PASSENGER – what causes fetal distress?

Day 6 PRANAYAMA – why does breathing help?

Day 7 PERINEUM – how to avoid tearing and episiotomy

Day 8 PARTNER – how to support and assist

Day 9 PLACE – where will you have your baby?

Day 10 PLACENTA – what is natural third stage?

By the end of the 10 days you will have powerful techniques to support your plan

You will be able to confidently participate in every decision

When you are prepared, you can do anything.

I only run this course every 6 weeks and numbers are limited to 25 so that I am able to give you individual care and attention and help you require to create your best birth. 

Here are just some of the ways that I can help you

The 10 day Birth Plan

A 10 day guided online course to create a realistic and powerful birth plan that includes the 10 essential elements of birth preparation.

Ultimate Online Birth Course

A self directed, work at your own pace, holistic course of video, audio and written content to guide you step by step through each stage of pregnancy.

Personal Pregnancy Coach

A highly personalised package that includes access to all my courses and bi-monthly check in calls. I will guide you through doctors visits, discuss your choices, share the latest evidence and direct you to the best care and resources. Together we co-create a beautiful, positive pregnancy and birth experience. 

VIP Experience

I invite you to journey away from life as you know it and allow yourself a weekend away with me to co-create and prepare for your birth. I work closely with Alila luxury boutique hotel brand to offer these VIP 1 or 2 day retreats. The brand reflects my commitment to luxury and service excellence. Alila means “Surprise” in Sanskrit, which suitably describes the refreshing character of their properties and impressions of the guests.

Listen to my podcast

The Virtual Midwife podcast is for the thinking woman, not afraid to question the current policy based maternity system. In this podcast she shares lessons from the labor room, women’s wisdom, interviews with thought leaders and discussions with change makers, along with transformational lessons and meditations for pregnancy and birth.

Buy my book Expats Expecting – The essential guide for giving birth abroad.

Along with all the traditional information typical of a book about pregnancy and birth, this book will guide you to know that a positive outcome is not just possible, but to expect it and know how to get it. Using inspirational anecdotes from expats who have travelled the road before you, coupled with practical wisdom of 20 years abroad, Karen provides the road map to embrace pregnancy as part of your expat adventure.

Download my App – Birth Breathing

A simple tool to help you incorporate the 5 essential breathing techniques into your daily life during pregnancy so that you are fully prepared for labor and birth.

Watch my Youtube Channel

Video tutorials, prenatal yoga classes, tips and tricks for labor and birth.

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The best place to be when you’re pregnant.

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