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The Due Date Club brings pregnant people from all backgrounds together to explore the daily physical, mental and emotional changes and challenges of every stage of pregnancy  in a safe, nurturing and inclusive space. 

The secret sauce is circles. Circles of women all due in the same month. Circles of mentors sharing wisdom and expertise. Circles of support. 

Get the latest evidence based information through talks, interviews, courses and collaborative group or 1:1 learning opportunities. 

In The Due Date Club we support and encourage each other to develop the skills and confidence you need to make informed choices for yourselves and your babies, and in doing so forming life long friendships based on shared experience

The only requirement to join The Due Date Club is a Positive Pregnancy Test and a desire to connect.

Is this you?

You are so excited about being pregnant and you want to do everything right. You are spending hours searching online for the right information but instead of finding answers you are feeling increasingly overwhelmed and anxious. You can’t stop yourself from reading horror stories and you can’t stop thinking about “what if something goes wrong?” 

While a fear of the unknown is completely normal, worrying about things going wrong is futile if you don't understand what it feels like when they're going right.

In The Due Date Club you will learn about the many miracles that are occurring every day as your pregnancy progresses and how they feel. If this is your first pregnancy, everything feels different and slightly scary so even normal symptoms can be worrying. Right now you are probably wondering:

  • Are the symptoms I am experiencing normal for this stage or is something wrong? 
  • Will my baby be OK? How will I know? What tests can I have to be sure? 
  • What happens if I start spotting?  What does it mean?

10 Reasons to join The Due Date Club

  1. Community – Find and meet other pregnant women in one easy, organized place. 
  2. Customization – Join the circle of womxn based on your due month where you are all experiencing similar symptoms and changes.  
  3. Inspiration – See what other members are sharing and doing to celebrate and honour their pregnancy. 
  4. Knowledge – Our posts and resource library are free and full of great information
  5. Workshops – Regular live workshops or watch the replay. 
  6. Flexibility – Watch us on any device anywhere and stay connected 24/7 
  7. Privacy – This is a private network.  What you post is only seen by Due Date Club members
  8. Messaging – connect with your friends without leaving The Due Date Club. 
  9. Support – Your questions will be answered by each other and by Karen and her team of medical experts. 
  10. Accessible – Instantly connect on your smartphone or ipad. Everything you need on the go at your fingertips.

Get Started Immediately

You don’t need to wait until you are 28 weeks or even 12 weeks to join. In fact the sooner you join, the better. If you have a positive pregnancy test – you’re in! Oh, and did I mention there’s even an app?
  • Learn as you go and have fun at the same time.
  • Start asking the right questions and getting answers you can trust.
  • Instantly connect with women who are due at the same time as you.

You don’t want to spend precious time worrying and anxious.
Pregnancy is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.

Every milestone, all the highs and even the low points are important and will be remembered.

In The Due Date Club we make them memorable TOGETHER!

What makes The Due Date Club different?

The Due Date Club is liking having your favourite coffee shop open 24/7 and only pregnant people and birth professionals are allowed in. You can move from one table to the next until you find the chat you want to join and sign up to attend live events and online courses. It really is that easy.

Founded and led by The Virtual Midwife, Karen Wilmot, the Due Date Club is the result of years of working online and in person with women during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period as a midwife, prenatal yoga instructor, hypnobirthing practitioner and childbirth educator. 

It drives me crazy that birth preparation classes only start at 28 weeks and most doctors advise you not to get excited until you get past 12 weeks. The truth is that from the moment you see that little blue line YOU ARE PREGNANT. It's only natural that you want to be connected with other pregnant women. You are infused with curiosity and a desire to do everything you can to nurture and protect your baby. Thats what you get in The Due Date Club

“I’ve been a midwife for 30 years and I have watched trends come and go, seen birth practices change, witnessed the shift in expectations and sat in awe of advancing technology. But even so, nothing about the physiology of birth has changed and I always knew there had to be a better way to offer real deep dive antenatal preparation that went beyond a weekend workshop or an online on demand course. I knew I had to create a COMMUNITY because this is where true learning happens through shared experience and connection.

Some of the amazing benefits of being part of The Due Date Club

Besides being able to get started immediately!

  • This means you get exactly what you need when you need it.   You know what to expect at each stage and you’re prepared. No more endless internet searches and going down the rabbit hole of scary stories. 
  • Everyone in your circle is due in the same month as you. If you have a question, chances are someone has already asked it or is wondering the same thing. You’re all in this together. 
  • Along with the community, you’ll get ongoing professional advice, guidance, and weekly live workshops with real-time Q & A’s with your host Midwife Karen and her team of specialists.  
  • Due date-specific topics and courses that you can read, listen to and watch at your own pace PLUS monthly Birth Book Club and Birth Movie Club recommendations. 
  • Members-only discounts on pregnancy-related products and services plus monthly unboxing prizes.

Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time. Pregnancy is dynamic and each week brings new sensations, challenges and questions. We make sure that you are plugged into the right resources so that you can make healthy choices for you and your baby by sharing the right Information at the right time.

While we recommend joining as soon as you get a positive pregnancy test to get the full benefit of the program, you can join at any stage of your pregnancy. You will go straight into the group of your due month and you will have access to all the videos and sessions that you missed, which you can work through in your own time. However the big benefit lies in being able to participate in time specific activities that the Due Date Club offers and get the answers you need about what to expect at the stage of pregnancy you are, and beyond. 

The Due Date Club Premium Membership

You'll join for access to our amazing content and stay to be part of our amazing community for the duration of your Pregancy.

The Due Date Club is the first of its kind all inclusive safe and private online space to explore the choices and options available to make confident, well informed choices for the safety and wellbeing of yourselves and your babies.

The Due Date Club main community space is bustling with pregnant women at every stage but you have the option to join the group who are due in the same month as you. Compare symptoms, start conversations and share your own tips, tricks and favourite things. 

This is truly the secret sauce of The Due Date Club…

What you get!


The Due Date Club

The best place to be when you're pregnant.


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“Let us make pregnancy an occasion when we appreciate our female bodies.” – Merete Leonhardt-Lupa

Hosts and Instructors:

 Karen Wilmot

Karen Wilmot


 Myra Fabian

Myra Fabian



The Due Date Club

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