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Are you confused about the need for interventions and the desire to avoid them?

Get the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make informed choices.

Create a birth experience that is safe, positive, and empowering

Prevent a traumatic or disappointing birth experience by being informed and prepared for your birth.

We understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned – which is why our course also provides you with strategies for coping with unexpected situations.

While interventions such as induction, epidurals, and cesarean sections can sometimes be necessary for the safety of you and your baby, they should not be viewed as the default or automatic choice.

In fact, the overuse of interventions can actually increase the risk of complications and make it more difficult for you to have a natural, low-intervention birth experience.

Empower yourself to make informed choices.

Gain a thorough understanding of all the interventions that may be used and the confidence you need to feel prepared for the unexpected. 

The tools and confidence to make informed decisions.

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  • 49 practical lessons
  • 26 instructional videos
  • 10 audio relaxations – The Safety Nets of pregnancy
  • 73 practical lessons
  • 5 essential breathing techniques
  • Birth breathing app download
  • 14 audio relaxations
  • 42 instructional videos
  • 9 printable cheatsheets
  • 35 practical lessons
  • 14 instructional videos
  • 5 printable cheatsheets
  • 4 Reasons for emergency cesarian.
  • 31 practical lessons
  • 14 instructional videos
  • 10 handy cheatsheets

You want to make informed decisions

  • 31 practical lessons
  • 17 instructional videos
  • 8 handy cheatsheets
  • 4 couples exercises
  • 40 practical lessons
  • 25 instructional videos
  • 5 handy cheatsheets

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With ongoing support and the ability to cancel anytime, there's never been a better way to prepare for this life-changing event.

Are you ready to take your pregnancy journey to the next level?

Get ready to experience the ultimate pregnancy support system with this amazing package. Instantly access all of our courses and bonus material designed to give you the knowledge and resources you need to have a happy and healthy birth.

The Due Date Club is accessible and available 24/7 wherever you are on your phone, tablet or PC. Listen on the go, or binge watch video tutorials like a netflix series. 

At The Due Date Club we actively encourage you to start with the right information and to find your support network before the overwhelm and fear sets in. – in other words, the moment you get a positive pregnancy test. 

It’s never too late to join. You’ll find everything you need in perfect bite size bits, organised according to exactly what you need. 

You don’t want to be alone if you lose your baby. Despite the immense sadness and loss, you will have questions and concerns about what to do next and if it will impact future pregnancy.  You will be surrounded with love and support and Midwife Karen and her team will guide your healing process by answering your questions, sharing essential resources and referring you to the right team for follow up care and physical recovery. You can choose to stay in a group to be supported by others who have shared similar loss or place your subscription on hold until you are ready to join in subsequent pregnancy. We also host a quarterly one day workshop for baby loss

Nope. Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time.  We make sure that you are plugged into the right resources so that you can make healthy choices for you and your baby by sharing the right Information at the right time.

Absolutely! In fact being part of a larger community means you will have the opportunity to meet other women with similar risk profile. Knowing you’re not alone and having someone who understands your challenges somehow normalises it and makes it easier to navigate the challenges you may face together. 

Yes! The information, courses and live events in The Due Date Club provide a balanced view of all your options and methods to optimise your health and well being during pregnancy.  The focus is on a positive birth experience rather than a specific way of giving birth. 

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