Holistic Birth

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There is a lot of talk about holistic health and living but how does it apply to pregnancy and birth and what difference does it make? Fifteen years ago, I dismissed it as just another fad. After all I was still working in the hospital system and following hospital policies and procedures. But then I started noticing the difference in the way that women with a holistic approach gave birth. Labors were shorter, their breathing was focused and they had an awareness of body that eased the intensity of the sensations. They embraced and enjoyed their birth.

The next few years were spent unlearning almost everything I had been taught in nursing school and relearning it from the perspective of the women I was working with by embracing a holistic approach.

I studied yoga, breath work, hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming to deepen my understanding of the mind body connection and I applied everything I learned to pregnancy and birth. By extending my study of birth outside of my own culture, I learned that in many other cultures it is celebrated and honored as a rite of passage, with ritual and ceremony.

And finally I began to understand what a holistic approach truly meant, for me. I coined the term “birth fit” and set about developing a program that embraces the uniqueness of every woman while combining every aspect of being human: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social.

I encourage you to embrace your pregnancy as a stage in your life with unique challenges and opportunities for growth and learning. I offer you exciting tools and techniques to incorporate into your daily living that will not only enhance your pregnancy, but your life and relationships. I guide you to deepen your understanding of the connection between mind and body and ultimately to your baby.

My program is not a quick fix and it is goes way beyond the traditional cookie cutter parenting class approach. Holistic birth offers you the opportunity to experience a joyful pregnancy and a safe and gentle birth, where you are informed and in control. If this sounds like something that you would like to experience then head on over to the members area and join women from around the world who are enjoying a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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