Coping with Dizziness

Feeling dizzy in pregnancy, here’s why It’s common to experience some dizziness during pregnancy. Dizziness can make you feel like the room is spinning (which is called vertigo) or it may make you feel faint, unsteady, or weak. You should always discuss dizziness and other symptoms with your doctor. In some cases, you may require […]

Ways to reduce Swelling in Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about a lot of physical changes to one’s body. One such change that usually appears during the end of the pregnancy is swelling.  It is believed that about 50 percent of expectant mothers suffer from swollen feet. Swelling of the face and fingers is also common during pregnancy. What Is the Cause of […]

What to expect in your Second Trimester

You are so close to the halfway mark of your pregnancy. Find out what to expect in your second trimester. You have arrived at the second trimester of your pregnancy. The next 3 months should be fairly comfortable for you. The nausea and sickness of your first trimester has probably passed and your bump is […]

Coping with Breast Pain in Pregnancy

Breast pain is very common at the beginning and end of pregnancy. Find out why this happens and how to relieve breast pain during pregnancy. Why breasts get sore during pregnancy  Your body is changing fast, hormones are out of control and there are many symptoms that you may experience. Sore breasts can be one […]

Importance of a Support System

From the moment you see that little blue line you are pregnant and delighted (maybe a little frightened, but it’s all relative) Your search begins before you’ve even left the building. So much to learn, so much to do, so exciting!  But where do you start? Especially if this is your first pregnancy? You need […]

Sleeping Positions during pregnancy

It’s not unusual to  experience erratic sleeping patterns during pregnancy. You will find yourself feeling very tired during the first trimester and you may even need to sneak off for a little “nana nap” in the afternoon.  Sleep is usually good during the second trimester. Actually, everything is great in the second trimester! But by […]

Let’s talk about birth plans

Birth plans became popular in response to the increasing number of interventions being done and the apparent disregard for respecting your choices. Without a birth plan, it is easy to feel as if you have no say, no control and it is difficukt to be an active participant in your own birth experience.  From my […]

Real Food for Pregnancy

Lily Nichols Real Food for Pregnancy Lily Nichols, takes prenatal nutrition advice out of the dark ages and provides an easy-to-follow guide for making the best food and lifestyle choices during pregnancy. Most prenatal nutrition advice is either outdated or not evidenced-based. In Real Food for Pregnancy, Lily Nichol’s debunks a LOT of prenatal nutrition […]