The Importance of Words

Way back when I was still working in labor room, I would often get handed birth plans with requests stated in the negative “no Pitocin, no breaking of the membranes, no pain medication” and so forth. Very often, despite our best attempts to honor these requests, they would end up getting every intervention they did not want and nobody was happy. This is because “energy goes where thought flows.” Changing the words makes a big difference to how your mind perceives your intentions.

Every labor is unique, individual and variable.

Without doubt these are the 3 most common fears of pregnant women.

1. What does it feel like? (expectation based)
2. How long it will take?(time based)
3. What will happen? (outcome based)

But there is one thing that we know for sure. Every labor is unique, individual and variable.
In other words – the facts and the physiology will always be the same…