Breastfeeding Positions – the cross hold

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Are you ready to uncover another fantastic breastfeeding position? Learn about the cross hold. This position is wonderful for newborns and moms who need a little more control during feeding. So let’s dive in and master the cross-cradle hold together! 🤱🌟

3 reasons you might try the cross-cradle hold breastfeeding position.

  • Extra control: The cross-cradle hold offers additional control and support, especially when it comes to guiding your baby’s head and helping them latch on properly.
  • Perfect for newborns: This position is ideal for newborns who may need extra assistance with latching and positioning during the early stages of breastfeeding.
  • Build confidence: As you gain more control and support during feeding, the cross-cradle hold can help you build confidence in your breastfeeding abilities.

5 tips to master the cross-cradle breastfeeding position:

  1. Get comfy: Sit down in a comfortable chair or on a bed with your back well-supported by pillows or cushions. Place a pillow on your lap to help support your baby and maintain the correct height during the feeding.
  2. Position your baby: Hold your baby in your lap, across your body, with their head facing your breast. Your baby should be lying on their side, with their body parallel to yours.
  3. Cradle with the opposite arm: Support your baby’s head, neck, and shoulders with the hand and forearm of the arm opposite to the breast you’ll be feeding from. For example, if you’re feeding from your left breast, support your baby with your right arm.
  4. Support your breast: Use your free hand to support your breast, shaping it like a “C” or “U” with your thumb above and fingers below the breast.
  5. Guide and latch: Gently guide your baby’s head towards your nipple, encouraging them to open their mouth wide. Once their mouth is open, bring them closer to your breast, ensuring they take a deep latch with both the nipple and surrounding areola.

Remember, it may take some practice for both you and your baby to get comfortable with the cross-cradle hold. Be patient and make adjustments as needed to find the perfect position that works best for both of you.

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