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Breastfeeding Basics – getting a deep latch

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A deep latch is crucial for both your baby’s nutrition and your comfort during breastfeeding. So let’s explore mastering the deep latch technique.

3 reasons a deep latch is important for pain free breastfeeding

  1. Happy baby, happy mom: A deep latch ensures your baby gets all the nutrients they need while keeping you comfortable during feeding sessions. It’s a win-win situation!
  2. Bye-bye, soreness: A proper deep latch can help prevent nipple soreness and discomfort, making the breastfeeding experience more enjoyable for both you and your little one.
  3. Milk flow is the way to go: A deep latch promotes optimal milk flow and helps maintain a healthy milk supply for your growing baby.

Top 5 tips for getting a deep latch

  1. Get cozy: Find a comfortable position for both you and your baby. You can sit, recline, or lie down – just make sure you’re relaxed and well-supported.
  2. Tummy-to-tummy time: Position your baby with their tummy facing yours, ensuring their body is well-aligned and their head is at the level of your breast.
  3. Nose-to-nipple approach: Gently touch your nipple to your baby’s nose, encouraging them to open their mouth wide (think yawning big!).
  4. Bring baby to breast: Once their mouth is wide open, quickly bring your baby toward your breast, so they can latch onto your breast tissue, not just the nipple.
  5. Check that latch: Your baby’s chin should be pressed firmly against your breast, with their nose slightly away from it. Their lips should be flanged outward, and you should see more of your areola above their top lip than below their bottom lip.

Don’t feed with a painful latch

If you’re experiencing pain or your baby isn’t latching effectively, don’t be disheartened! Simply break the suction gently by inserting your pinky finger into the corner of your baby’s mouth and try again. Practice makes perfect! 🌟 There’s a short video here to see how to unlatch your baby easily.

Don’t struggle alone on your breastfeeding journey

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Get support on your breastfeeding journey

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Breastfeeding Basics – getting a deep latch

A deep latch is crucial for both your baby’s nutrition and your comfort during breastfeeding. So let’s explore mastering the deep latch technique.

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