Let me guide you through the unknown so you can give birth (anywhere) with confidence. 

I’m what you need if you’re an expat expecting. 

I have been supporting families around the globe for over a decade in person and online as the “Virtual Midwife.”

While nothing about pregnancy is different when you are abroad, the differences in culture, language and lifestyle may be starkly different to your own and may require a massive shift in mindset.

  1. Are the hospitals equipped to cope with emergencies?
  2. Will you be talked into having interventions against your will?
  3. Will you know what questions to ask, when to ask them and what to do with the answers?

 My experience led me to write this book so that I  can share essential tools, tips and techniques to address the specific needs and challenges of giving birth far from the comfort of home.

It also led to the creation of The Due Date Club and my work as The Virtual Midwife, supporting you through the unknown. 


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